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Go Public in USA

Many successful private companies are ready to make the transition to the next level by going public. But for some reasons they may not be in a position to complete the process of going public through an Initial Public Offering ("IPO"). Some companies may not need the money from an IPO but still desire to go public. Other companies may not be able to produce the historical financial statements needed to complete the filing requirements. Or there may be some other reason for wanting to go public without completing an IPO. The alternative method of going public is to merge with a company that is already public.


There are many companies that are already public but do not have any operations. A private company that merges with one of these companies would be completing what is know as a reverse merger. In a reverse merger the private company's operations would continue and legally the public company would continue. The net effect is that the private company is now public.


Via Reverse Takeover Planning, PBM can assist your company through the entire process of going public in USA from Reverse Takeover [“RTO”] to introducing qualified and experienced securities attorneys, market makers, accountants and transfer agents to giving professional services on how to structure your company prior to your company's RTO to minimize dilution and maximize financing prospects.

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