Business Image Enhancement Plan in China

Do you plan to step into Chinese market with less risk? 


In the current market, especially in China, professional and technical expertise are no longer the absolute keys to business success. In today's evolving Chinese business market, the way your company presents itself can be the distinguishing factor between you and your competitors. In fact, marketing research has established that your business image will most often determine the future of your business, based on the first impressions they make on your potential Chinese customers.


Our Chinese associates, teamed with us, with the expertise to create industry specific business image enhancement plans that will convey your business image effectively in China.


Those includes:

  • Translation 
  • Email Marketing
  • Wechat Marketing
  • Direct Mail Programs
  • Business Plan Development and Implementation
  • Customer Database Management
  • Cross Promotion
  • Web Design
  • Sales Training and Support 

In China, our methods focus on:

  • Achieving Client Service Excellence Image to Potential Customers
  • Impact of First Impressions to Potential Customers
  • Personal Branding Effective Introductions Techniques 
  • Networking Skills
  • Art of Professional Conversation
  • Effective Communication
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