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In today's business and technology world, the needs of an organization are complex, and it is difficult for a single provider to meet all the needs of its clients. Increasingly, strategic partners are becoming critical to developing long term client relationships.


Working with a business partner drastically changes the dynamics of running a business. A great business partner can add a lot to a venture, on the other hand, working with an incompatible partner will cause a lot difficult for success.


A Business Partner can be:

  • A supplier
  • A customer
  • A channel intermediary (such as an agent or reseller), or
  • A vendor of complementary offerings (for example, one party sells the hardware, while the other sells the software)


Actually, there are a board range selections, but we just focus on the international partners connection especially Chinese ones.


PBM offers Chinese Potential Partners Connection Program [PPC Program] which is with the following features:

  • It connects well operational Potential Chinese Partner which may be in the similar industry for you.
  • By the Potential Chinese Partner, it is an ease-going solution to bring your products/ services into Chinese market.
  • It also helps you to step into Chinese Market smoothly and eventually build a solid relationship with the Chinese Partner.
  • It is a Face-to-Face arrangement. Chinese Partners will meet you at your place.

Steps of Processing:

  • Please send us a completed PPC Program Assessment Form and your Chinese and English products/ services catalogs.
  • After review them, we will decide whether we have the capability to deliver the service. If we cannot, we will inform you immediately.
  • Once we accept, we will email you a confirmation letter, invoice and instruction.
  • Then, we will draft an official Service Agreement with you.
  • Please read all terms and conditions of the Agreement, sign it then email back to us.
  • Upon the PPC Program is proceeded, we will provide you a regular weekly update report via a mutually consent way.
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Business Partner Connection
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