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Crowd Connection

Crowd Connection

The basic concept of "Crowd Connection" is that each person contacts you to be:

  • a Potential Customer - By the right marketing path, you may locate the real customers more and more to buy products or services from you;
  • a Potential Funding Source - If you're targeting your business in the fundraising position, you might come across people that fits the profile of ready, willing and able to place funds with you;
  • a Potential Partner - It links the people with the same business versions as you to work together; or
  • a Potential Referral Source - Even people who don't have the money or inclination to fund or purchase with you, they may know people who have interests in your business.


"Crowd" can not only help you gather funding sources, but also gain manay impressive business deals. You well express your business in the pre-arranged channels and inform  Crowd about it, and then sit back waiting people to approach you.


Currently, more and more US and Canadian companies are seeking funding and purchasing orders from China due to its wealth. Thus, we take the "Chinese Factors" into our consideration to offer our service. 


Our Crowd Connection is a modification way to present your business. It helps you getting the funding sources while also finding your potential customers and partners.


The Programs of Crowd Connection for US and Canadian companies we offered are:


Also, Chinese companies seeks to expand their scale into USA and/or Canada.


These "Face-to-Face" programs could surely help you to get the funding you need, and help you operate your business on the right foot with customers and partners.

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