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Mergers & Acquisitions are an attractive and potentially lucrative option for many companies. For the buyer, a successful acquisition often represents a quicker, less expensive and less risk-intensive method of business expansion. As for the seller, a successful sale can provide owners a method to maximize shareholder value and serve as a viable exit strategy.


PBM specializes in executing global buy-side and Canadian sell-side mergers & acquisitions. We have a strong reputation for not only bringing together buyers and sellers, but also ensuring all parties are satisfied with the business outcome. In some cases, our role is that of an independent adviser who provides our clients with valuation, due diligence and corporate financing services. In other cases, PBM serves as an advocate for one party and is closely involved in the transaction. In both cases, we help our clients develop an effective acquisition and sales strategy that emphasizes acquiring the right price, reducing financial risks and closing in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Whether acting on behalf of the buyer or the seller, PBM helps companies at all stages in the sales and or acquisition process.


PBM’s services include:

  • Developing strategic objectives
  • Conducting risk analyses
  • Developing sales or acquisition criteria
  • Identifying, screening and soliciting possible targets
  • Determining value and conducting due diligence
  • Developing post-transnational strategies
  • Negotiating and structuring business deals
  • Managing closing

PBM’s mergers & acquisitions experts also help companies avoid many of the obstacles commonly associated with sales and acquisitions. We have extensive experience working with buyers to ensure that their acquisition targets are not overvalued and that post-transaction integration does not result in a loss of operational productivity. Similarly, our mergers and acquisitions experts have guided numerous sellers in avoiding “underselling” their companies and offer advice most appropriate to their personal financial situations.

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