OTC Listing then Uplist Planning

Reverse Takeover Planning

OTC Listing then Uplist Planning includes two concepts:

  • Reverse Takeover ["RTO"] to OTC market then uplist to NASDAQ; or
  • Directing Listing ["Direct Listing"] to OTC market then uplist to NASDAQ.

A Reverse Takeover ["RTO"] is the process in which a private company goes public by acquiring a publicly listed shell company. The practice is contrary to the norm because the private company is taking over the shell company – thus, the merger is in “reverse” order.


A Direct Listing ["Direct Listing"] on an exchange where a company goes public without raising money and without underwriting as in a traditional IPO. ["Direct Listing"] enables companies to enter into the public markets by making previously restricted shares available for public trading by brokers on the OTCQX® or OTCQB®  markets.


PBM will assist your company through the entire process of going public in the USA by [OTC Listing - Uplist Planning].

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