US Stock Options Trading Group

We aim to promote option trading in capital markets as well as organize trading competitions. Such events help our clients connect with industry professionals to help them know what it is like to be a quantitative finance professional. By working closely with us, the Trading Room aims to help members prepare for a new concept in trading.


If you read many trading rooms or chat rooms, most people trying to call the market up or down; we trade based on supply, demand and order flows. We trade not invest. We do not analyze, predict or guess how the market will do. We trade based on what the market gives us.


Trading is about Planning and Strategies, we use self owned capital to trade, that is what we are different from others.


In this Group, 

  • At least 5 buying alerts in a trading week (based on past trading history.)
  • Unlimited access
  • For traders who want headache free quick returns within a short period of time
  • Disclaim of this Group


We perform the real trades in real market conditions in the Group, we do not do hypothetical. We show you trades that we are trading.  We put the money where our trades are!  We give you what works, no hypes, no ifs.


How to join the Trading Group?

Business Partner Connection
Purchase from Chinese Manufactures/ OEM
Business Expands into China
Reverse Takeover Planning
US Stock Options
US Stock Options Trading Group

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