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Performance Balance Management Inc.

PBM is an expert of Small Business Expansion and we provide Services to small businesses incorporated in the USA, Canada and China.


PBM acts as a leading international business platform between Canada, USA and China with the specialty in the Business Expansion field to assist US or Canadian companies in smoothly expanding its business scope into China, and vice versa.


PBM offers clients Business Expansion Supporting service.


PBM has been founded in British Columbia, Canada since 2008, and established well alliance relationships in the USA, Canada and China.


Our focused objective is to provide our innovations that are not only bringing well business expansion structure into clients' versions but also extending clients' opportunities for future growth in the pre-designed direct and less cost way.


We only promise what we can do to serve our valuable clients; thus, any request from clients beyond our expertise, we will surely refer to related professionals.


We pride ourselves in our up front and honest communication with potential clients by only taking on projects that fit our unique areas, enabling us to deliver ongoing and profound results. We aim to create solutions that contain the immediate necessities of the clients as well as the various aspects and details that will assist clients in ways they may not presently be able to foresee.


PBM focuses on creating actionable insights, helping you execute as soon as your business demands. 


Our proposition consists of:

  • Getting the job done quickly, because client can’t wait;
  • Providing client with all the necessary tools, because client may not have the required resources to do so;
  • Producing high quality deliverable at a very competitive price, because budgets are continuously shrinking;
  • Developing tailor-made projects, based on client's business data, because each client is different from its competitor;
  • Promoting a very interactive, always available, fully committed business relationship, because we want to support our client anytime, anywhere.

If you like to know more about PBM, please contact us.

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