Business Expansion Supporting

Small Business Expansion Supporting

Performance Balance Management Inc. ("PBM") exclusively serves Small Businesses with intention to expand their businesses via Business Expansion Supporting service.


Small Business Expansion requires a variety of elements to fulfill. Successful corporations conduct a pragmatic and proactive operation to their local growth and their worldwide expansion with a well-designed business strategy.


As our main objective, our Business Expansion Supporting helps your company profit growth by advancing to a new market. We precisely analyze your company for your goal of business expansion; and then, applying to your business segmentation.


Business Expansion Supporting includes the following segmentation:

  • Business expansion strategy and action plan;
  • Online marketing strategy implementation in the new markets;
  • International advocacy: attracting new business contacts and partners;
  • Client Company representation;
  • Business or Branch establishment;
  • Content creation relevant for certain particular audience;
  • Business Expansion into China;
  • Business Image Enhancement Plan in China; and
  • Tailor Made - under client's request.

PBM mainly focus on: Business Expansion into China for our US or Canadian customers. Especially, we offer Business Image Enhancement Plan in China which will be more helpful.


As the business environment is becoming more complex and dynamic, companies have to be more proactive, predictive, aware of global trends and open for international opportunities. If a domestic market is too small, too competitive, or a company is ready for new customers and enlarging its scope of operations, business expansion can be a smart way to increase sales and gain bigger market share.


PBM helps small businesses to expand their business, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement via Business Expansion Supporting service.


Business Expansion Supporting service supports the overall goals and objectives of the company. We work with the clients to identify areas of opportunity or development and determine desired outcomes.

Business Expansion into China
 Business Image Enhancement Plan in China
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