Methods of Expansion

Small businesses have various avenues to expand their operations, each offering unique opportunities for growth. Here are some common methods small companies use to enhance their business:

Initial Public Offering (IPO): Making a company's shares available for public purchase;

Reverse Takeover (RTO): Also known as a Reverse Merger, an alternative method of going public;

SPAC: Special Purpose Acquisition Company;

Direct Public Offering (DPO): Selling securities directly to investors; and

 Other Alternatives.

  • Business Partnerships: Collaborating with other businesses.
  • Franchise: Offering franchise ownership opportunities to entrepreneurs.
  • Patents: Licensing intellectual property to third parties.
  • Dealer Agreements: Establishing agreements with distributors or dealers.
  • New Marketing Strategies: Exploring innovative marketing approaches and new products.
  • New Markets: Expanding into new markets, like "US/Canadian Business Expansion into China" or "Chinese Business Expansion into North America".
  • Joint Ventures: Collaborating with industry cooperatives to achieve cost savings in common operational areas such as advertising and purchasing.

Before pursuing any of these options, it's crucial for businesses to lay the necessary groundwork. PBM's Services can elevate your business to the next level, especially for small businesses.


The growth process commences with an honest evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. Leveraging these capabilities, the organization identifies key markets or future opportunities it aims to seize. This leads to considerations on developing structures and processes to further strengthen the organization's core capabilities. Once these strategies are identified, long-range planning is completed, providing a roadmap for the business's future growth.

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