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Our Services are simple and focused.


Performance Balance Management Inc. ("PBM") provides the following Services:


Business Partner Connection:

By PPC Program, PBM delivers you a turnkey solution then your business will be with lots of followers who could be your customers, investors, supports or partners.


OEM/ Purchase Arrangement

  • PBM has established our operation center to connect Chinese manufactures, and we can OEM or arrange to purchase products for north America enterprises.

Small Business Expansion Supporting:

Reverse Takeover Planning:

  • Suitable Assessment
  • Initial Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Oversight Services
  • Auxiliary Services in connection with any Transaction contemplated

PBM's Reverse Takeover Planning can well assist in your company through the entire process of going public by Reverse Takeover (“RTO”) from introducing qualified and experienced securities attorneys, market makers, accountants and transfer agents to giving professional services on how to structure your company prior to your company taking action in order to minimize dilution and maximize financing prospects.


PBM helps small business to expand their business, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement into new markets.


Business Expansion Supporting supports the overall goals and objectives of the Small Business. We work with the client to identify areas of opportunity or development and determine the desired outcomes.

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Business Partner Connection
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Small Business Expansion Supporting