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PBM offers a comprehensive range of services designed to support and facilitate small business expansion. 


Our dedicated team provides:

 Small Business Expansion Supporting:

  • Business expansion strategy and action plan;
  • International advocacy: attracting new business contacts and partners;
  • Client company representation;
  • Business or Branch establishment; and
  • Tailor Made - under client's request.

US/Canadian Business Expansion into China.

Going Public in the USA.

  • To receive additional support for Going Public in the USA, please reach our associate Pithz.
  • Pithz is a consulting firm that specializes in aiding private companies, especially small business, to list their securities and trade on public exchanges such as the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC. 

At PBM, our mission is to assist small businesses in expanding their operations by analyzing existing challenges and developing improvement plans tailored to penetrate new markets. 


Our services in business expansion support are geared towards helping small businesses achieve their overall goals and objectives. Through collaborative partnerships with our clients, we identify areas of opportunity and development, working towards desired outcomes and sustainable growth.

Business Expansion Supporting
Business Expansion into China
Tailor Made
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