In response to the post-COVID-19 situation and the expectation of a global economic downturn, the consulting industry's leading firms are shifting their focus to meet a new set of client needs.


PBM, an experienced consulting firm, exclusively specializes in small business growth and expansion. Our services are straightforward, efficient, dependable, and cost-effective.


Specifically, we focus on serving small businesses based in North America that are interested in expanding their operations into China and vice versa.


Rapid expansion of a company's global operations can have a negative impact on its reputation and operating results if growth is not managed effectively. This is due to the increased complexity of its business as a result of significantly expanding its product lines and service offerings, as well as scaling its infrastructure to support our retail and service businesses. The company's management, personnel, operations, systems, technical performance, financial resources, and internal financial control and reporting functions are all under strain as a result of the expansion. PBM can assist in avoiding such negative effects on the growth of a small business.


PBM always provides our clients with an updated framework of business operations that removes the need for speculation by carrying out a fact-finding procedure with the goal of achieving company development objectives in the most efficient and economical manner possible. By utilizing our "Small Business Expansion Supporting" solution, PBM is able to offer assistance to you in the accomplishment of your company's development goals.

Help Client by Small Business Expansion Supporting

PBM exclusively serves Small Businesses with intention to expand their businesses via Business Expansion Supporting service. Small Business Expansion requires a variety of elements to fulfill. Successful corporations conduct a pragmatic and proactive operation to their local growth and their worldwide expansion with a well-designed business strategy. As our main objective, our Business Expansion Supporting helps your company profit growth... ◉💎

Expanding Your Business into Chinese Market Smoothly

After the pandemic, we believe China will be the fastest recovering emerging market and the largest economy on the globe. Although it offers vast prospects for an expanding business, the chances of success without sufficient knowledge and expertise are, to be blunt, considered slim. With a theoretical market of 1.5 billion people and a culture which has embraced the ethics of western businesses... ◉💎