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At Performance Balance Management ("PBM"), we are a well-established consulting firm specializing solely in small business growth and expansion. Our services are crafted to be clear, efficient, reliable, and affordable. We focus specifically on aiding small businesses in North America looking to expand into China and vice versa.


Moreover, we offer consulting services for small businesses seeking to go public in the USA as part of their expansion strategy.


When a company rapidly expands its global operations, it can face potential negative impacts on its reputation and operational results if the growth isn't managed effectively. This complexity arises from expanding product lines, service offerings, and scaling infrastructure to support retail and service businesses. Such expansion can strain a company's management, personnel, operations, systems, technical performance, financial resources, and internal financial control and reporting functions. PBM is here to assist small businesses in avoiding these adverse effects on their growth.


At PBM, we consistently provide our clients with an updated framework for business operations, eliminating the need for guesswork. Through a thorough fact-finding process, we strive to achieve your company's development goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. With our "Small Business Expansion Supporting" solution and related extensional supports, PBM stands ready to help you achieve your company's development objectives.

Small Business Expansion Supporting: Tailor-Made Services

PBM's Tailor-Made Services for Business Expansion are designed to provide personalized attention to our valued customers, ensuring their expansion strategies are optimized. With expertise in management, development, and operations, PBM offers tailored support at strategic, operational, and management levels. Our experienced team customizes services to meet the unique expansion requirements of small businesses. Contact us... ◉💎

Project Driven Consulting Services: Go-Public Planning

PBM offers comprehensive assistance throughout the process of going public in the USA through our unique Go-Public Planning. We connect our clients with seasoned professionals such as securities attorneys, market makers, PCAOB accountants, investment bankers, and transfer agents, providing expert guidance on structuring the client's company before going public. Additionally, during the private offering phase...◉💎

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