In light of the Covid - 19 pandemic, confronting a global economic contraction, leaders in the consulting industry are shifting attention to meet a new set of client needs. 


PBM is a consulting firm specializing in the field of Business Expansion of the Small Businesses. Our services are direct, effective, sound and cost acceptable. Let us work together and help defeat this virus.


We specifically target these clients, Small Businesses, incorporated in the USA or Canada, aiming to expand their business scales into China, and vice versa . By Small Business Expansion Supporting, PBM can assist you to reach your business expansion goals. 


PBM always provides our clients a business framework that takes the guess work out by performing a Fact - Finding process to fulfill the goals of business expansion in the most cost effective way.

Go - Public Planning

PBM can assist our clients through the entire process of going public in the USA by Go - Public Planning, from introducing qualified and experienced SEC securities attorneys, investing bankers, fund managers, market makers, PCAOB accountants and transfer agents to giving professional services on how to structure the corporation prior to the company's going public,  to apply & process, including but not limit... ◉💎

Expanding Your Business into Chinese Market Smoothly

After Covid - 19 Pandemic, we believe China will be the fastest recovery emerging market, and still will be the largest economy on the globe. Although it offers vast prospects for an expanding business, the chances of success without sufficient knowledge and expertise is, to be frank, considered slim. With a theoretical market of 1.5 billion people and a culture which has embraced the ethics of western businesses... ◉💎