Go-Public Planning

PBM offers comprehensive assistance throughout the process of going public in the USA through our unique Go-Public Planning.


We connect our clients with seasoned professionals such as securities attorneys, market makers, PCAOB accountants, investment bankers, and transfer agents, providing expert guidance on structuring the client's company before going public. Additionally, during the private offering phase, a company may engage a broker-dealer placement agent.


Our Go-Public Planning services include:


1. Strategic Assessment:

🞇 Evaluating suitable methods for going public in the USA directly or indirectly, including:

⭖ Initial Public Offering (IPO) Planning

⭖ Reverse Takeover (RTO) Planning

⭖ Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) Link Planning

⭖ OTC Markets Listing Planning

Uplisting Planning  (After OTC Markets Listing)


2. Initial Services:

🞇 Assisting in engaging professional agents for fundraising, feasibility analysis, and procedural guidance to achieve the client's public listing goals.


3. Implementation Services:

🞇 Identifying market opportunities for going public via various strategies.

🞇 Providing analysis, evaluation, and guidance on the process of going public in the USA.

🞇 Facilitating access to essential business, financial, legal, and tax-related information for structuring the company appropriately.

🞇 Guiding the client through the complete process of going public.


4. Oversight Services:

🞇 Assisting clients in evaluating proposals for potential transactions.

🞇 Coordinating due diligence activities conducted by professional agents in preparation for going public.


5. Additional Services:

🞇 Gathering and analyzing information relevant to the client's goals.

🞇 Collaborating with third-party service providers in the US or Canada to achieve the client's objectives effectively.

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