Go - Public Planning

Go - Public Planning
Reverse Takeover Planning

PBM can assist our client's company through the entire process of going public in the USA by our unique Go - Public Planning from introducing qualified and experienced securities attorneys, market makers, PCAOB accountants, investment bankers and transfer agents to giving professional services on how to structure the client's company prior to its going public.


The services of Go - Public Planning are including:

1. Suitable Assessment: to decide one suitable way to go public in the USA from the following strategies:

2. Initial Services:

  • Assistance in retaining professional agents for fund raising, investigation, analysis and advice regarding the feasibility and required procedures and documentation of achieving client’s Go Public objectives. 

3. Implementation Services:

  • Assistance in identification of potential market opportunity to go public via IPO or RTO or SPAC or DPO;
  • Assistance in analysis, evaluation and guidance with respect to the way to go public in USA;
  • Assistance in obtaining access to relevant business, financial, tax, legal and other information relating to potential corporate structure; and
  • Assistance in connection with a completed process to go public in the United States. 

4. Oversight Services:

  • Assistance client to retain professional agents in analyzing and evaluating proposals with respect to potential Transactions; and
  • Assistance, coordination and monitoring professional agents with the conduction of due diligence with respect to go public in the USA.

5. Auxiliary Services in connection with any transaction contemplated:

  • Obtaining and analyzing information relevant to client’s objectives; and
  • Communicating and cooperating with third - party service providers in the United States or Canada in pursuit to client’s objectives; 
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