Going Public in the USA

PBM is a consulting firm specializing in assisting private companies in listing their securities and trading on public exchanges like the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC markets.


We establish direct connections between our clients and industry experts for initial public offerings, reverse takeover, and other public offering alternatives. Our unparalleled expertise in the process of going public sets us apart in the field.


At PBM, we are dedicated to fulfilling our clients' needs in the public markets and achieving their objectives. With a wealth of experience, knowledge, skilled experts, and resources, we deliver successful, practical, and cost-effective solutions for going public.


In today's fast-evolving economy, traditional corporate structures are facing increased challenges. Developing a clear business vision and expansion strategy is crucial, particularly for small businesses.


PBM assists small businesses in expanding by addressing current issues and devising strategies for venturing into new territories through comprehensive Go-Public Planning.


Putting our clients at the forefront, we strive to understand your requirements and help you overcome obstacles. Your aspirations deserve tailored services, and we offer personalized support and advice to meet your unique business needs.

Go-Public Planning
OTC Markets Listing Planning
Business Expansion into China
Small Business Expansion Supporting